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From pilgrim to watchman

Gepubliceerd Wednesday, February 18, 2009 in Weblogs · Weblogs Bart 2 Comments

Busy with moving. Next week we will be able to move into our new apartment in Jerusalem. We are looking forward to it. Yesterday we were invited by our Jewish neighbor lady for a farewell dinner. Such a darling. She doesn’t think much of it that Joke and I are shifting. She is an intelligent, leftist, older lady who understands nothing of our daily walks on the wall. But her admiration is big for those strange Duchies who come all the way to Israel and stand in the breach for Israel and the Jewish people. Actually she is despondent. Has no faith in the political leaders of today. She comes by regularly to air her heart out. She feels at ease by us.

Although she repeatedly emphasizes she doesn’t believe, and hates religion, she always listens with great interest to the prophecies that we read. It does her good. Us too, by the way… We will miss her.

This attitude of hopelessness is characteristic for the majority of the population in Israel. In Ezekiel 37 we see this bleak attitude of the Jewish people again:… They (Israel) say: “Our bones are shriveled, our hope is lost, our life thread is cut off …”

Right now it is the time for us to encourage Israel. After the war in Gaza anti-Semitism has increased. Western countries express general criticism on Israel and pull out. More and more Israel is facing isolation. This shouldn’t surprise us. You can read in the prophets (Zechariah) that at last all countries will resist against Israel. What amazes me more and more is that also the believers must overcome insurmountable problems in order to stand behind Israel. Spiritual leaders, pastors, ministers, they have no solution. They wriggle in all kinds of humanistic religious bends to be able to demonstrate that Israel is completely wrong.

For or against Israel

Of course Israel makes mistakes. But you and I are called by God to go and stand fully behind these beloved people of God. Unconditional? Yes! Unconditional! In this moving time you and I are called to stand on the breach for them. Some people become a little nervous when I strongly suggest that we no longer can remain seated on the fence waiting with our arms crossed. You’ll have to make a choice. What choice? For or against Israel! (not against ‘Palestinians’ as some wrongly think …) So you don’t choose against, but for. For Israel! You need courage for that.

We belong to Israel. We, believers are grafted into Israel. We are thus part of Israel and the Jewish people. (Romans 11) A church outside Israel does not exist. We belong together, like the Argentine Princess Maxima is grafted into the Dutch House of Orange by her marriage to Prince Willem Alexander. To-day she belongs to the Dutch House of Orange. That’s how you and I belong to Israel. Is that so complicated? God has many prophecies about the restoration of Israel registered in the Tenach (First Covenant). We live in the days that God will take pity on Israel again. (Psalm 102:13 v.v.) He is looking for watchmen who remember Him and keep to His Word. You can make the difference. Study the prophets. Blow the dust off the First Covenant. Read the proclamations on this website and discover the great promises that rest on Israel. God is looking for watchmen who give themselves and Him no rest. (Isaiah 62).

Most of Israel passers visit the old and familiar places from the Bible. That is beautiful. Enjoy it. But do not forget that the current history is also of major importance. The past was beautiful, but it’s behind us. The grave is empty … The present and future are much more interesting! Concerning me the ‘pilgrim journeys’ may gradually be transformed into watchmen journeys! Who knows, maybe it is an idea to come to Jerusalem this year.

See you on the walls of Jerusalem!

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    mary & charlene zei: op 28 May 2009 om 07:06


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    Elias zei: op 2 June 2009 om 10:49

    Hello Bart,

    We walk with you spiritually in the walls everyday. The remembrance of our walkings last week with you are being kept dearly in our memory. Thanks God for your Task there.

    Shalom and God Bless You

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