I will never do it again…

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Lately I have been aware of an ever increasing criticism towards Israel. Especially after the Gaza conflict the antisemitic sensitivity seems to rear its ugly head again.

Surprisingly enough the criticism seems to frequently be coming from the Christian side. A good friend told me this week though that at his office there were many positive reactions about the manner in which Israel dealt with the terrorists of Hamas. There was great admiration for the initiative to send many hundreds of thousands of sms-messages to citizens who lived near the weapon depots where attacks were planned. Never before were such messages sent as a warning signal. However right in our own church community we are confronted with relentless criticism. What is the source of such outspoken wrath? What the heart thinks, the mouth speaks …

A low point was reached when a friend reported to me that during the Gaza conflict someone in his congregation had had the false courage to pray for Israel during prayer time. After the service was over the pastor demanded to speak to him and told him in clear terms that his action was inappropriate. The pastor asked him politely but firmly to publicly offer his ‘well meant’ apologies to his congregation the following week. Obediently and humbly this man complied with the request. “I will never do it again…” He gave in to the pastoral pressure of this shepherd. Unbelievable? You would think that this story originated from the dark middle ages, but this happened in January 2009!

More and more often we learn that Israel is a subject of taboo in churches and congregations under the cloak of: You just create separation and disorder. The massive silence with the result of the death of six million Jews during the horrors of 1940-45 is simply continued. While this is the season in which we, gentile believers, should jump in! Haven’t we learned our history lessons yet?! Do we still not understand that 2000 years of Christendom has made us the arch enemy of the Jewish people – the Apple of God’s Eye?! Are we so hardheaded? Or is it just Christian cowardliness?

Where are the shepherds?

Together we have degraded the profile of the biblical shepherd. As long as the good man is a useful theologian and can especially listen well and with sympathy, then he fulfills the criteria of an acceptable shepherd. But we conveniently forget that a shepherd fights and kills lions and bears! He defeats enemies, he protects the flock and goes after lost sheep, that’s a real shepherd! Not a scaredy-cat who is afraid of unrest in his congregation and who abandons Israel. “..but all…stood at a distance…” – Luke 23:49. Of course I get wound up.

Fortunately I also see an army forming, …right across denominational lines. An army of believers that is sick and tired of the political-humanistic-religious correctness of its leaders. Believers who just want to obey God’s Word. When the Father urges us in Isaiah 62 to “for Zion’s sake not keep silent” these people simply obey this godly command. “I have posted watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night…” How is it possible that the spiritual leaders skip over this section? Visitors on the walls of Jerusalem frequently sigh: …”who takes us by the hand when we are back in Holland, we so much long to be equipped?” It is ridiculous that tens of thousands of believers are deprived of education concerning Israel. “How can you be a watchman for Israel?” many call out. And they want an answer! Shepherds and other religious leaders, take up your responsibility! Don’t run away from it. Don’t be led by fear, but by the Spirit of the Lord!

“Dear friends, this is now my second letter to you. I have written both of them as reminders to stimulate you to wholesome thinking. I want you to recall the words spoken in the past by the holy prophets and the command given by our Lord and Savior through your apostles.”

II Peter 3:1,2

Open up the prophets and teach the believers concerning God’s heart towards His beloved Israel, the Apple of His Eye. And in case you happen to visit a congregation where the leaders are led by an antisemitic spirit, then I have but one advise for you: “Come out of her…!” (Rev. 18:4; Jer. 50:8).

See you on the walls of Jerusalem!

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    pixie zei: op 27 June 2010 om 14:16

    Thank you for your openness. I have also experienced what I call ‘modern antisemitism’ amongst some Christians who rally against the so called ‘bully Israel’ for the sake of the ‘defenceless’ Palestinians. It breaks my heart that educated people like these are blind and deaf to the whole situation choosing only to see in part. I fear they are in danger of helping to fuel another holocaust.

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