processions through the Old City of Jerusalem ...processions through the Old City of Jerusalem ...

Pesach in Jerusalem

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Jerusalem, April 12, 2009

Again there are crowds of people here in Jerusalem. Pesach is being fully celebrated in Israel. Joki and I (together with my brother Daan from New Zealand) were invited by a Jewish family to celebrate the Seder meal. You don’t let such a chance pass by.

Great to celebrate the exodus and liberation out of Egypt along with the Jewish people. A long evening, filled with reading of that beautiful story from the Hagadah. Together songs were being sung. Everybody gets involved in this special celebration. What always strikes me at Jewish feasts is that there always is a relaxed atmosphere. No quasi respectful ‘pious’ tension if you know what I mean.

The children run around the festive table or are sleeping on grandpa’s lap. This family had reserved a free chair and place at the table to remember the kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit who was taken hostage on June 25, 2006, by Palestinians. The whole evening is about the God of Israel. Our Jewish friends aren’t believers, still they sing the spiritual songs at the top of their voice.

Also the conversation which followed up this Seder meal is concerning content; the threatening situation in which Israel finds itself, the change of course which Obama, the new President of the United States seems to enter. This conversation automatically leads to the old prophesies, the promises which God gave to His beloved people. Into the late hours a content full and very emotional conversation has been developed. We seek to declare the secret of the suffering from the Jewish people. A mystery. Finally, we say goodbye with an embrace.

On our way back to Jerusalem we conclude that now is the time to support our older Jewish brother/sister. To encourage. That’s the point now. Will you stay watching with your arms crossed, or will you get into action. Is Israel being kept under wraps in your congregation or isn’t there being kept silent for Zion as from now. Silence is consent… silence means that you actually continue the trend of 2000 years of Christianity. A tragic history of Christian persecution and rejection of the Jews. If your minister has courage to stand in the breach for Israel in this time, support him! Encourage him, send a card or give a token of appreciation. They show courage which lacks many… “Who then is the faithful and wise servant, whom the master has put in charge of the servants in his household to give them their food at the proper time? It will be good for that servant whose master finds him doing so when he returns…” (Matthew 24:45,46)

This time calls for ‘faithful and wise servants’ to feed their congregation on their time. Food that fits to these evil days. Not based on ‘human rights’, no religious humanistic junk food, but Nutrition straight from His heart, words that give life.

I just read that the Pope sends Easter eggs to the infant victims of the earthquake in Italy. It can’t be any crazier…. What should I add to this?

The spiritual leader of Rome sends Easter eggs with Pesach. A spiritual bankruptcy.

Totally cut off from the Jewish Pesach.


What also causes toes to curl are the processions through the Old City of Jerusalem were pious Christians drag enormous crosses through the narrow streets. During the infamous crusades hundreds of thousands of cross knights came to Jerusalem and slaughtered thousands of Jews and Muslims in the name of Christ and the cross. Today they drag enormous crosses through this Jewish city. They don’t realize for a second how a Jew feels himself by observing this quasi religious scene.

How would the Jew Yeshua look at this?

The walks over the walls pass by very prosperous. It seems that fellow walkers respond more powerful. On the walls of Jerusalem church walls tumble down. Beautiful to proclaim God’s promises with the Bible from believers from all kinds of spiritual direction. At first it still feels a bit strange, but after a while many become ever increasing enthusiastic. We advise you to make more walks. I would even like to suggest to consider a special watchmen trip. Every day on the wall! Then you can still visit all kinds of other places in the afternoon. More and more watchmen are booking such watchmen journeys. Anyhow I foresee in the future, that when the pressure on Israel will increase, pilgrim journeys will be replaced by watchmen journeys. When the pilgrims stay at home, watchmen will arise and come to Jerusalem. Already a small shift can be noticed.

See you on the walls of Jerusalem!

(From July 1-12 Joki and I are available for presentations in Holland. Meanwhile the Sundays are occupied, but there are still a few evenings available during the weekdays. Write us if you are interested.)


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