Peace, Peace

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Jerusalem, June 10, 2009.
Although life ‘on the walls of Jerusalem’ is very intensive we enjoy it every day. Hundreds of watchmen walked along with us this Spring. For most people the walk is an eye-opener. Ancient prophesies come to life.

We can see with our own eyes how old promises are
fulfilled and being fulfilled. We feel privileged. Centuries ago the old
prophets prophesied about the restoration of Israel and the return of the
Jewish people. ‘They will possess the
land and the mountains again. Rebuild Jerusalem. The wilderness will be as ‘the
garden of Eden’, ruins are being rebuild, vineyards being planted and the wine
Extraordinary fulfillments are taking place in these days of which
you and I may be crown witnesses. But oh, how does the rest of the world
They don’t understand this. Even many believers can’t except it. The
recovery and return of the Jewish people to God’s own land Israel, Judea and
Samaria leads to great confusion and crocket toes. What is the source of this
religious outrage and irritation?


Probably one of the
most important roots lays at the ‘Laodicea’ church. (Revelation 3:14-21)

It is interesting to
remark that in the original text it is written ‘Laodiceans’. Plural as you see.
The King James Version still translates it this way. That is no mistake. The author wanted to
indicate that this letter relates to a movement rather than one specific city.
You could describe the meaning of ‘Laodicea’ as ‘justice to the people’.
‘Democracy’ or ‘human rights’ would also be possible. That’s were the
perversion is.
The contemporary
western church is infected through this democratic wordly spirit.
Uniform to this world. We
have traded the Righteousness of God for ‘human rights’. Count your profit. We
are no longer been led by God’s Spirit and His word but some kind of polder
humanism. Not cold nor hot. If you continue to read in this letter to the
Laodiceans you can see what the fate of this ‘model’ is; ‘I will spue thee out’
says God. (Actually there is literally written ‘throw up’) With open arms we
have introduced this ‘Laodicea’ spirit into our church; ‘democratic’ electing
of the spiritual leadership, the introduction of worldly management systems,
financial constructions and ‘human rights’.
Salting salt
became honey-sweet.

Of course there is
nothing wrong with humanism. It is great to be human towards your neighbor. Who
will speak against this, but please don’t be led by humanism.
God’s Thora is and remains our guard. Guided through God’s Holy Spirit. It’s about His
Justice, Righteousness and Grace. We’ve lost some view on this.


I often think back of
the stories from the First Testament were Joshua receives the task to take in
the Promised Land. Joshua even received the Godly instruction to kill any
living creature. I’m sure you remember that story about Jericho. Just try to
imagine God would give such a command to the Jewish people nowadays. You could
hardly imagine something like that, right? The entire (Christian) world would
be up on arms. Israel would be declared a ‘rogue state’ through everything and
by everyone. All humanitarian organizations would strongly denounce these war
All churches would cry blue murder. ‘Disproportionately force… collective
punishment of innocent citizens…’These indignant terms sound familiar in our
ears. I also can not understand God’s acting, but that’s not the point.
God is the Director. We must submit ourselves to Him. But… we don’t. How surprised we will be if God
will act against the enemies of Israel soon. This will give such a confusion… religious-humanistic
hobbyhorses tumble over.


The American President
Obama has held a clear speech in Cairo, Egypt. I have listened to it with
interest and admiration. It was all put together so smart and intelligent. It
sounded so reasonable; this is the momentum to come to harmony, peace and

Harmony and mutual
respect between Muslims, Christians and Jews
. Palestinians must stop their hate campaigns and
terror, and Israel must immediately stop the construction of settlements.

Palestinians must get their own state. That is
water-tight. Obama made a naked hand towards the Muslim world.

He will come away with a flea in one’s ear. The show
is put. Obama will let the wind blow from a different quarter. He will approach
Israel critical. It will not surprise me if the long-term friendship between
America and Israel will come under great pressure.

Obama wants to force harmony and peace in the
Middle-East. He will not succeed. In the conceptual world of the Muslim,
‘Harmony’ is something completely different then in our western world. The pope
spoke about unity. Ever made a study on ‘unity’ in the Muslim world?
“Submission” is the motto. A life in harmony with the Jews is impossible for a
Muslim. He would act straight against the spirit of the Koran. Also the term
‘peace’ in the furthest distance does not appear to the Jewish ‘shalom’. ‘Dar
al Salaam’ (House of peace) has no room for Jews and dissenters. If you are not
submissive to Islam, you will not delight the blessings of salam (peace). You
will be destroyed by fire and sword.

Is it not strange that Jews are not allowed to live in
Syria or Libanon, or Saudi-Arabia? Even Jordan, with whom Israel has signed a
peace treaty in 1994 is still Jude rein to this day.
Is there a bell ringing? No. There is no place for Jews in
the Middle-East.

That does not mean a situation where there is some
form of apparent ‘peace’ is unthinkable. There are ‘moderate’ forces in the
three ‘monotheistic’ religions (Judaism, Islam and Christianity). It would be
possible a situation arises in which these moderate leaders succeed in a kind
of pseudo peace agreement. This pseudo peace would be for a short and severe
period. In the Bible, on a number of occasions is spoken about such peace. I
mention Ezekiel 13:1-16, with the emphasis on verse 10:

… ‘Because the prophets lead my people astray, saying,
"Peace," when there is no peace, and because, when a flimsy wall is
built, they cover it with whitewash – but the peace did not stay…’

Also in Jeremiah 6:14 and 8:11 and 15 we read
such passages. But this peace is deceptive. Many prophetic passages announce
God’s wrath against the enemies of Israel. Psalms 83 is a very prophetic
example, but also Obadiah and Nahum don’t leave much room for

Fortunately, God’s word speaks another language.
Israel will be restored. God has arose to have compassion over Sion, time of
grace has come, this is the hour… (Psalms 102:14). It’s great to see how
Jerusalem is rebuilt, how God is calling his beloved Jewish people home again.
(Zechariah 10:8)

For sure, in Zecheriah 12 you can read that all
the nations (United Nations) will stand up against Jerusalem, but verse 6 tells
us in a subtle way that ‘Jerusalem shall
stay where it is (in Jerusalem)’

Time flies. Tension is rising. Circumstances
will be always more threatening. But do not be paralyzed by fear.
Instead, rejoice in the coming time. The Messiah
returns back soon!

Be convinced you are full with the Holy Spirit. In Ephesians
you read;

…’Use your days wisely, because the days are evil. Do
not be foolish, but try understand what the Lord’s will is…’

It does not say; ‘Read
your bible every day’, but ‘try to understand what the LORD wants…’

This word was
addressed to people who knew the scriptures. In this case Paul refers to
another aspect; pray to God that He may give you the Spirit of distinguishing.
So that you know which actions you need to take.
In 1
Corinthians 12:10
he writes about this:

…’to distinguish what
does and what doesn’t come from the spirit…’

Precisely this
distinction is lacking in many congregations and churches. The little church
boats toss erratic and unstable on the ever-increasing waves. As the days
become worse right now, spiritual leaders must take on their responsibility and
let out a very strong, clear sound instead of downloading another sermon from
the Internet …

Perhaps you wonder if
it is not a bit silly to add so much credibility to the old prophecies. Is not
the Bible an ancient religious book which has lost her authority and
expressiveness in this exciting time? The opposite is the case! Especially in
the Bible political and social processes are exactly described which are taking
place nowadays. You can seen it happen before your eyes. If you wish to be
informed on the time in which you live, I encourage you to deepen yourself in
God’s word! Read the prophets, read the books which can help you with this!

See you on the walls
over Jerusalem!

Feel free to respond!

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