Where are the men?

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Jerusalem, September 10, 2009. It has been one and a half week since we are walking over the walls of this beautiful city again; meanwhile there have been so many beautiful moments.

Let’s take this morning. We passed a group of English ladies halfway our walk. As usually we start off a chat. They respond very enthusiastic as soon as they notice we are watchmen who daily walk over the high walls of Jerusalem and proclaim God ‘s Word. It does not take long and they declare to gladly walk along with us. Of course. It is our wish indeed; more watchmen from different countries and language groups. More often foreign watchmen walk along. The rumor spreads quickly. This morning ‘s group consisted more than 20 persons including Dutch, Germans, Englishmen and a young woman from the United States.

Yet there is something peculiar going on; by far the largest number of guards are women. You find this phenomenon very often and about everywhere. I have been in the fortunate opportunity to travel lots. Wherever I went, in the churches or “ministries” I visited in America, Latin America, Asia, the former Soviet Union, Europe, Africa or Israel, women were and are leading! Powerful women who perform the work in the vineyard. Wherever you go. So much work is done by them. Serving on many fronts, willing to pay a high price. With respect, I take their true dedication. Tirelessly and targeted women are walking in front. However, the question arises, where are the men? Oddly enough it is men and brethren who climb the pulpit and the stages, men direct organizations, but most work in God’s vineyard is being done by women.

Once I was invited to Cuba on a particular project. A group Intercessors from the U.S. would join me there. When I was introduced to the group of intercessors the whole group turned out to be women! Not one guy in sight! We may still assume that men are indispensable on the front! Guys, where are you?! Concerning the NeverBeSilent watchmen adventure God has shown us that the walks must indeed be led by a man. (Nothing surprising, it is a physical happening, where the presence of men is required.)

There will be a number of reasons to argue why the men are by far in the minority in the vineyard, yet I want to take this opportunity to call men and brethren; Come forth, expose yourself, let us hear you! You are of utmost importance. This is often the need of the brave ladies at the front. Where are the healthy, strong, full-grown men who can create a balanced work environment? Men and brethren, you are much needed! I make an appeal to you from Jerusalem. Come and invest in God ‘s Kingdom. Consider to walk with us for a longer period of time. It will be a life changing experience. For hundreds of watchmen, this proclamation on the walls of Jerusalem experience has been of great importance.

Guys, we are looking forward to your coming! And the ladies continue to come, of course.

See you on the walls of Jerusalem!


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