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The busiest month October

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Jerusalem, november 8, 2009. More than 800 watchmen walked along with us over the walls of Jerusalem in this last month. It is very encouraging to see that more and more visitors of Israel want to encounter this ‘proclamation experience’.

Of course we hope some will return and decide to walk along with us for one or two weeks. Once in a while this happens already. A couple has been in Israel for already five times this year, meanwhile they walked dozens of times over the high walls of Jerusalem. We are counting on a growing number of believers who will understand that these proclamation walks are indispensable. We are looking forward to that day in which more watchmen will join us for a longer period. It will be a new way of ‘volunteering’. Who knows the day will break through in which we will go over the walls by day and night.

Church walls disappear

Awesome to see how church walls disappear on the walls of Jerusalem. As watchmen we find each other on the basis of God’s Word. Suddenly you experience this unique unity with each other. Oneness in diversity. Of course it is a matter of getting used to, when walking along for the first time. We don’t let the grass grow under our feet. We focus on the authority we may ‘put on’ in Him. Not in our own strength, but as apostle Paul says; ‘When I am weak, I am strong!’

The church will roughly be awakened from her sleep. “Awaken from your sleep, arise from the dead’, even Paul calls in Ephesians 5:14. As believers we have to perform a task that nobody else can do. Political parties cannot force the solution, the United Nations will fail. Churches and organizations are not capable to solve the enormous conflict in the Middle East. The God of Israel Himself will intervene. But you and me, believers ‘from the nations’ have been instructed by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to ‘never be silent for Sion, and not to remain quiet for Jerusalem. It’s not a message without engagement. Instead, a command from Him to you and me.

Holy discontent

I notice that more believers are aware of this urgency. I also notice a ‘holy’ dissatisfaction. A dissatisfaction along with the current directionless course of the Western Church. We receive increasing messages from believers who strongly urge their minister / pastor to support Israel unconditional.

Often there is reluctance to respond. “If I do that, I create a huge problem in my congregation” is an often heard response. This is also true! Indeed Israel will be the source from which the chaff will be separated from the wheat. Choices must be made. No more cheating. Crystal clear your opinion must be heard. Your unconditional support for Israel is inevitable. Some think I write and speak a bit massive about ‘the church’. I am a part of the church, the gathering of Yeshua. This exactly explains why I am so passionate. I see the church as my friend which I want to persuade to change course: ‘Where are you going? Come on, this way! Back from Rome to Jerusalem!’ I call out to her.

Recently we were honored with a group of pastors who went up the wall with us. At the end of the walk one of them spoke up and said: “I am convinced that I must completely review my theology Attn Israel.’ A few weeks ago two members from this pastor’s church walked along with us over the wall. When I asked if their pastor still had spoken about his Israel journey they replied: ‘Oh yes, the preacher mounted the pulpit and began his sermon by saying that he had a great trip and that he had come to the conclusion that his views on Israel and the Jewish people had drastically been revised’. Those are wonderful moments. Unfortunately is doesn’t always go this way. Another pastor reported me that he was set on non-active after his (positively) changed preaching concerning Israel. It shows that we have reached decisive days. Times have changed.

‘God has raised to have compassion on Zion’. (Psalms 102:14) I encourage every believer “to rise” and “to move” towards Zion with Him. In Jeremiah 31:3 we read that God ‘has appeared to Israel from afar’. You and me live in the days that God will turn to Israel again! We will have to move with Him, towards Israel, towards Jerusalem. I tell all my believing friends “focus your sight on Israel again, there God’s final game will take place. The spiritual world has long been in the eye, hence the enormous pressure placed on Israel and Jerusalem. Where are we believers? Where are you?”

Israel increasingly isolated

Right now that is important, in these confusing days in which Israel becomes increasingly isolated. Turkey, who has been a loyal neighbor of Israel for many years, suddenly begins to sing an off tune, anti Israeli melody. In recent weeks Muslim Prime Minister Erdogan sought contact with Syria and also suddenly seems to be good friends with Ahmadinejad of Iran. Tell me who your friends are, then I will tell who you are…

President Obama realizes that he has overplayed his hand. He has been to critical towards Israel and is trying to win back some of his lost authority. He is restraining a bit.

The Palestinian Authority only takes itself serious. Boastingly she tries to tell Israel what the condition of consultations must be; a total stop of housing construction in ‘East’-Jerusalem, Samaria and Judea. Prime Minister Netanyahu has clearly indicated that this will not happen. The terror organization Hamas waits patiently until Machmud Abbas, the “Palestinian President” has lost his authority. I feel for the “Palestinian” population. It is unthinkable that Hamas will also gain authority in Samaria and Judea. Uncertain tidings.

But also the traditional church points with a critical, religious / humanistic finger towards Israel. This must stop!

His authority

Our fight is no political battle. Our battle is spiritual. I mentioned it already, many believers have insufficient insight into the spiritual position they occupy. In Yeshua, God has clothed us in a garment of reconciliation. He has given us His Holy Spirit. In recent years much attention is paid to the love of Him, His grace, mercy and peace. We learned that He heals us physically but also inwardly. We learned about worship, intimacy and the Father heart of God. All these aspects are of great value. But we have learned less, or nothing at all about the garment of Yeshua that is placed over your shoulders, also representing His authority. When we read: “His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms…” (Ephesians 3:10) then we look a bit awkward at each other. To fulfill this biblical command we must somewhat be informed about our authority in Him. Preachers and pastors, work to be done!

See you on the walls of Jerusalem!

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    Diana Kramer zei: op 14 November 2009 om 09:45


    Greetings from Hays, KS, USA!

    I praise God for the experience of proclaiming on the walls of Jerusalem!! I have been home 1 week since my encounter with Yeshua! I am homesick! Thank you for the privilege of “reminding Papa!” with you!!

    I came to Israel with Lisa McFarland and Warring Doves Ministries and have been completely changed!! My heart yearns for Israel and I can’t wait to return and join you on the wall again!

    I am so repentant for my view of Israel and the Jewish people! I am proclaiming the need for our hearts and attention to be focused on Israel in these last times.

    Praise God my pastors do know the authority we have over the earth and have prepared me before I even went to Israel. I will be standing for Israel weekly at our prayer meetings. We have work to do!!!!

    I pray for God to provide my next trip to proclaim with you soon!

    Blessings in the Name of Yeshua!

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    • 2

      Dear Diana, greetings from Jerusalem! It was great to walk and proclaim with you on the walls of this city! I encourage you to come and experience what it means to ‘remind Him of His promises and to give yourself, and Him no rest…'(Isaiah 62)–Bart Repko

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  2. 3
    mary and charlene zei: op 23 November 2009 om 06:08

    bart& joan,
    we are walking here with you day & night. all the pastors that we know here are standing with israel and recognize the times. god’s plan always works and he is in control. israel is the apple of his eye. keep walking.

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