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Saturday, May 22, 2010. Four years ago, we climbed the high spiral stairs leading to the walls of Jerusalem for the very first time. Together with Joke and Gijsbert Spijker (Gijsbert who accompanied me for the first three months of this watchman adventure).

It was a challenge for me. Two years prior to this moment God had seized me, by the collar and now the moment of truth had arrived. Would the watchman adventure be affirmed or would I run back home screaming after a fortnight? I still remember how I looked around rather uncomfortable. “I hope no one will see or hear us”.

That discomfort was soon gone. Already from the start we realized that these watchman walks fit in God’s plan of this season. These end times.


It didn’t take long for the first curious fellow walkers to arrive. “Could we come along with you some time?” We thought that was great. Four years later these wall proclamations can’t be eliminated anymore. Many thousands of walkers joined us. From the Netherlands, but also from Germany an ever increasing crowd of watchmen is streaming to the walls. The rumor is spreading quickly.

Everyday day watchmen climb the walls of the capital of Israel.

Every day we remind God of His promises to Israel. We do not give Him or ourselves a moment’s rest (Isaiah 62). We even have a feeling that slowly a movement of believers is forming in the Netherlands who will stand ever more steadfast behind Israel. Believers who show courage and who stand unconditionally in the breach for Israel.

We receive more and more news from congregations and churches who are starting to increase their focus on God’s plan for Israel. We receive increasingly more invitations to speak. And of course we gladly accept these invitations.

There is a great ignorance among the average group of believers and leaders. The lack of knowledge is great. Most preachers and pastors have no idea what to do with Israel. The other day I heard a preacher say that he was planning to discuss Israel as an interesting topic. The good man shows in this that he truly has no clue about the fundamental role Israel plays on this earth. Israel cannot be discussed as just a topic. You will discover in the Bible that Israel is not a topic but we are….the gentile believers. Because the whole Bible revolves around Israel and her Messiah Yeshua. When the Bible talks about non-Jews it’s mainly in relationship to Israel. So in short we should seriously re-adjust our attitude towards Israel.

You can’t put Israel in the margin of a church or congregation and treat her as a topic. That time is past! God has stood up to have compassion on Sion. Israel is the focal point of God’s concerns with this earth. The political, social, spiritual and cultural developments in this world, but also within the church, revolve around Israel! All the arrows of the world are pointing towards Jerusalem. The eyes of the media do not leave this navel of the earth for a second.

For many church leaders Israel is considered a road block within their congregation. They have wonderful bible studies about the fundamentals of the christian faith, but somehow the importance of the role of Israel is left out. That does not make sense. At the theological seminaries and bible colleges they hardly teach about the Jewish roots of our faith in the Jew Yeshua, and His Father the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (three Israelis). For centuries the church was taught to shun Israel. Where did that lead us?

Today people are filled with a new divine curiosity for the true roots of the gospel. Yeshua made a point in saying: “salvation is of the Jews” (John 4:22). Jews, that is plural.

We have fallen behind for centuries. We will have to try to catch up as quickly as possible. I have written before that the flock is catching up with the shepherd. In the case of the believers there is a growing divine curiosity while the shepherds themselves are lingering nervously. Where is the shepherd leading his flock? Indeed, the greener pastures are in Israel. You can’t ignore it. The flock is fed up with the crushed barren grass mat.

An increasing number of believers announce themselves at the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem.

Oftentimes they return to their local congregation full of passion and fired up. They had an encounter with the God of Israel. They feel at home in Jerusalem. Many do not wish to return home. Their hearts are filled with a longing for Sion.

Loudly they proclaimed God’s promises for Israel on the walls of Jerusalem. Now they have to be satisfied with the once-a-year Israel Sunday.

Or no Israel at all.

The stream of Israel visitors will just increase. During the month of May about 600 people joined us on our walks.

Watchmen needed

To be honest the walks on the walls are developing in a much more powerful way than I had ever expected. And God smiles; He seems to sigh: “Finally…sons and daughters who for Jerusalem’s sake will no longer be silent, my children who cause Me to remember my promises and who remind Me of my Word…”

On several days we walked with more than a hundred watchmen on the walls.

You understand my point. Our prayer is increasingly powerful; “Father send more watchmen who can lead others. Watchmen who know your Word and who can take their position on this front in Jerusalem in your authority.

We need help. Watchmen who speak different languages, watchmen who do not give themselves or Him a moment’s rest. Where are these watchmen trained? Unfortunately not in bible college. God Himself trains them. Often watchmen have known this silent call for years. This is the time the Father calls them to come forward. Often watchmen will operate as a couple. Because of physical and other (spiritual) circumstances the men will take the lead on the walls of Jerusalem. Women often fulfill a great role in the Kingdom of God, but here on the actual walls of Jerusalem the call is heard for watchMEN or couples.

Who knows you might be a watchman. Call out to the Lord. Come to Israel, join us for a week on our walks and seek to find out if He is calling you to be a watchman who gives yourself or Him not a moment’s rest.

See you on the walls of Jerusalem.

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    MAUREEN SWENTKOFSKE zei: op 16 November 2011 om 13:03

    In October of 2012 myself and two friends will be in Jerusalem and would like to pray the walls with you. We will there the 29th of Oct – Nov.8th. We are coming on a missions trip and look forward to prayer on the wall!



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  2. 2
    Johanna Wölk zei: op 4 October 2013 om 00:23

    we, my husband and I, are coming to Jerusalem on 6.10
    for a prayermeeting. But we have 3 days before time to visit you and help praying. We are from Paraguay.
    Please give me an answer where we can meet together.
    Be blessed in the name of Jesus Christ!
    With love Johanna

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    • 3

      Dear Johanna, we assemble every day (except on shabat) outside the Yaffa Gate (Old Center of Jerusalem) at 08.45 am.
      Hope to meeting you. Our teammembers are wearing a black baseball cap with ‘NeverBeSilent’.

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    Rebecca kim zei: op 23 February 2014 om 06:06

    I have been one of the ignorant christians about Israel. I was not interested in the nation at all. Last night, the scene of Joseph weeping when meeting with his brothers came across my mind during my meditation. I found myself weeping over an hour, but i did not know why i was weeping. It was very strange, but i soon realized the Lord was revealing his sorrow toward brothers and sisters of His flesh. Through my strange, uncontrollable weeping, i think i was given a taste of His sorrow over His earthly siblings. As i mediated more, I keenly sensed a special feeling and the tremendous love He has toward Jewish people. And then the Lord led me to Isaiah 62:6-7. I immediately felt that He was calling me to be a watchman for Israel. Today, i am trying to find what He wants me to pray for concerning Israel. I googled ‘prayers for Israel ‘ and i found your article and some other prayer sites. Information really helps me open up my eyes. I feel so privileged that i am given a job of intercession prayers for His brothers and sisters. I am so happy to join the crew of watchmen. I am considering to visit Israel sometime this year, if the Lord permits. Thank you for your article. I think the Holy Spirit led me to your article. Peace in Jesus our Lord.

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  4. 5
    Marianne Haworth-Diederix zei: op 29 July 2016 om 14:44

    Dear Bart and team, I was so excited to be walking on the walls of Jerusalem on the 10th of April this year of 2016. There I met you, and later the other team members. I told you we had come from New Zealand and you were surprised that I had learned about this prayer walk on youtube, your youtube video’s. I was also very happy when you told me how to pray and proclaim, and you told me to read out loud Psalm 149, the last part in particularly.What an eye opener that was! Thank you! Well, it was a real blessing to meet you and later the others who were doing the same. I’m hoping to be back in August or September 2018, if the lord has not yet returned. Look forward to meet you again there. In the meantime, keep up with what God has been calling you to do, to be the watchman on the wall. God bless, Marianne and Brian.

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