Crocodile tears

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Jerusalem, January 11, 2015 The new year is still wet behind the ears, but the tone has already been set: Islamic terrorists attacked the publisher of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

They killed eleven Frenchmen, while screeching ‘Allahu Akbar’. On Friday, Amedy Coulibaly forcefully entered a kosher supermarket killing four Jewish customers. Meanwhile the ‘Allahu Akbar’ screamers were eliminated. France is in disarray. Huge demonstrations all over the country. Thousands upon thousands suddenly walk around with “Je suis Charlie” signs. All of a sudden, the western world seems to identify with this anarchist publisher. Government leaders climb over each other to express their outrage. They cry crocodile tears because they refuse to honestly face the seriousness of the actual situation.

From the day of its re-birth, Israel has been the victim of Islamic terror. For more than seventy years, Muslims have been murdering Jews. Civilians are blown up in buses, suicide bombers blow themselves up in restaurants, shopping malls, universities, markets and they beg Allah to hurt as many innocent victims as possible with their demonic actions.

Thousands of rockets being fired at Israeli towns with only one goal: how to kill as many Jews as possible. Children are kidnapped and murdered. Recently, four pious Jews were murdered while praying in their synagogue. Did the Western world explode with outrage? Were there any mass demonstrations organized in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv where the world expressed their indignation with these never-ending terrorist attacks on innocent civilians? Are there thousands of politically correct citizens walking around with signs: ‘I am Abraham’, and ‘I am Sarah’?

Political and spiritual leaders are desperately trying to make the folks in the street believe that these terrorists are a small, extreme minority. No, they are certainly not representative of Islam. Let me wake you from your sweet dreams. For decades, the western, free world is being ravaged by Islamist terror. No, not all Muslims are terrorists, but without feeling guilty you may conclude that almost all terrorists are Muslim. What’s this utter madness? Why this deadly silence from the ‘moderate’ Islamic majority? In the Netherlands, the only powerful critical Muslim noise came from Ahmed Aboutaleb, the brave mayor of Rotterdam. His name will now surely have been added to the list of targets of some Muslim death squad.

It’s a war out there

What we are really witnessing is not a political conflict, not an ideological dispute, not a religious conflict but a spiritual war! Allah, the Muslim idol, the willing instrument of Satan, is the great opponent of the God of Israel. Satan knows his time is almost over. He knows that the Messiah is preparing to establish His kingdom on mount Zion. Satan knows – like no other – that his game is almost finished; game over!

He (mis)behaves like a thundering lion to prevent Jeshua’s return to earth. He seeks to destroy Israel. After all, Israel has been chosen by God to play a key role in God’s plan of salvation with fallen man! “Salvation is of the Jews.” To execute this nasty plan of destruction he engaged Islamists to do his dirty work. Satan’s personal death squads!

There is no doubt, Muslims want to establish their own satanic – Sharia –  kingdom on earth. The demonic alternative to God’s Kingdom. But what about the Palestinian state in Israel? The sober reality is that Palestinians have absolutely no interest for their own state within Israel; if they seriously wished to have that state they could have established it long ago. No, their only option is to destroy the Jewish state, Israel. Again, Muslims do not want peace, they get an anxiety attack just hearing the greeting: “shalom”.

It’s about time to wake up from your comfortable mercy-nap! Now is the time for believers to fulfill a vital mission. Israel stands completely alone. This is the season to reach your destination.

Esther became queen ‘for a time as this …’ You and I, believers in the God of Israel, are on this world ‘for a time as this’.

Get up! Drop your timidity and reticence and participate in this spiritual war. Not fighting against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers in this – unseen – spiritual war.

Would you like to learn more about this? Why not join watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem for a week or so. No need to bring your ‘Je suis Charlie’ sign. What you do bring though, is the weapon of choice: The Word Of God!

See you on the walls of Jerusalem.

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    Ron [brit] zei: op 22 July 2016 om 16:00

    Nice one Bert. My prayers are with you wachters

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