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Bart started out as a graphic designer, leading his own art studio in Soest in the Netherlands.

At that start of the Aliyah (exodus) of the Russian Jews Dick-Jan Bijker (Evangelical Broadcasting) gave Bart the opportunity to make a documentary about this Aliyah. During that time he stayed with a Russian Jewish family and experienced their emotional parting with family and friends in Russia and their journey to Israel. The Jewish Agency described this documentary (USSR Good-bye) as the most stirring piece ever made on the Russian Aliyah.

Bart left the design studio for what it was and dedicated himself completely to making substansive TV programs. These included documentaries in countries such as Cambodia, Ruanda (Hutu’s and Tutsi’s), Madagascar, Congo (Pygmies), Nothern Ireland (IRA), Argentinia (Maximum Security Prison), Colombia (guerilla’s), Peru (guerrilla’s).

Besides being a wonderful mother for 3 daughters and one son, Joan has been a great support for Bart’s television production company. Joan worked in a dress shop. She has felt a deep connection with Israel for many years now. Jerusalem is where her heart is.

The love for Israel and the Jews was given to Bart at a young age by his mother. She was Israel’s most dedicated fan. If you touched Israel, you touched her…

Throughout the years, Bart and Joan’s love for Israel has only gotten stronger. They are increasingly convinced that many of the promises that God so carefully describes in His word are being fulfilled right in front of our eyes.

Even though Israel is being abandoned by the world around them – including many churches – Bart and Joan are sure that there is a powerful group of believers full of (com)passion that are going to come and stand behind Israel.

The idea to start NeverBeSilent came to Bart during a trip to Jerusalem. After reading Isaiah 62, he was convinced that, together with large groups of (young) people, he needed to respond to the call in this particular passage. Since then Bart and Joan have founded the ‘NeverBeSilent’ foundation and now look to the future expectantly.